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Where She Went - Gayle Forman ***WARNING: PROBABLE SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1!!***

After hearing many, many people rave about If I Stay, I caved and read it. I cannot believe it took me so long to get to it! Gosh, it was really amazing. After finishing it, I just sat around and stared. I felt like I'd just come up for air after going through those last couple of pages. I've tried writing a coherent review, but I've failed so far. A lot of people had it on their 'book that made me cry' list and I get why. Mia's grandfather broke my heart! And Adam... Such an amazing character!

But, enough about If I Stay, it doesn't say 'Where She Went' in the title for nothing.

Reading the summary I thought: wait, WHAT?? Where did my wonderfully real couple from the first book go?? I could not believe they broke up after going through something like that.

And neither could Adam. This book is from his point of view and let me just say that I adored Mia's voice in the first book, but Adam is just so beautifully broken. I don't need my guys damaged and tortured, but I felt Adam's pain and felt the need to curl into a ball and just stop being along with him because of their break-up.

I loved how everything was explained slowly and Adam's memories of Mia and her family before the accident. I must admit that I was angry at Mia for breaking things off the way she did. It must have been so horrible!
Slight spoiler:
Just stopping all forms of communication seems to me to be crueler than even leaving a post it or breaking up over a text message

I really enjoyed meeting Mia again and seeing how she had learned to cope with everything that'd happened. But Adam is the star of this show and gosh, how I love him. It all went a bit fast towards the ending, but I'm happy with how Forman left things.

All in all, I feel like gushing about this book. And Adam and Mia will surely remain in my thoughts for a long time to come. Two very big signs that this book is a definite winner for me :) If you haven't read If I Stay yet, go and do so. Right now.
My rating: 5 stars