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Ditched: A Love Story - Robin Mellom I was sort of expecting a tale a la the Hangover (you guys have seen the movie right? I mean, I didn't really like it, but I was expecting something along the same lines only cute) and it turned out somewhat differently as Justina doesn't really seem to suffer from memory loss, it's just a REALLY LONG story and she tells it stain by stain.

Of course she doesn't really know exactly WHY everything happened the way it did, but after the initial moment of not remembering after she's tossed out of a car she has her facts lined up again. I was kind of sceptical about the whole just getting up after you've been dumped outside a moving car onto the concrete, but try to ignore that, as the story is cute!

Justina is adorably clueless and has a knack for getting into embarassing situations. And getting stains on her prom dress! Sometimes I thought she was a bit too clueless, especially about Ian and I wouldn't even have really blamed him for giving up on her. I mean, really, he's a teenage boy and pretty much a saint for just accepting all of what happened. I mean, I liked Justina, but she just managed to choose the wrong next step and assume the worst. I don't think she would have survived in something like the Hunger Games for 5 minutes. And that's ok, but I would have liked for her to at least sometimes be a little bit smarter about her decisions.

Anyway, apart from this, I did really think it was a cute story. Not amazing, but still enjoyable!

My rating: 3 stars