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The Demon Catchers of Milan - Kat Beyer Somebody please tell me this is the start of a new series??? Because I can't find on Goodreads if it is!

We meet Mia, who's a regular teenager with self confidence issues, which is something I can TOTALLY relate to. Then Mia gets possessed by a demon and she gets shipped off to Milan so the family she's never met before can deal with it. I thought she was handling it all pretty well, and I found the crying spells every now and then to be more realistic than her magically being ok with everything happening.
I loved seeing her come into her own and start exploring her heritage. She's curious and eager to learn and I always appreciate that in a character. Also, she's pretty smart, YAY!

One thing I did not appreciate: the otherwise loveable character of Emilio, Mia's cousin, makes a remark about Mia (at 16) being too old for Harry Potter. WHAT??? YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR HARRY POTTER! GAH!

Whether or not this is the first in a series will determine in the end how I feel about this book. For the start of a series, I REALLY liked it! However, if it's a standalone, not nearly enough is revealed about this whole demon catching business and I'd be disappointed if it'd be left at this. I mean, I still have so many questions!

I thought the exorcising of the demons was SO interesting! And I'm dying to learn more about the demon that possessed Mia, cause it sounds like there's some history between it and the family. I'd love to see Mia develop her abilities further and just explore this rich world that Kat Beyer has created!

My rating: 4 stars