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The Blacksmith's Daughter - Arley Cole Be honest with me, when you read the summary and you know this is a YA publishing imprint, would you think the main characters would be 28 and 32?
I sure didn't.

And I really don't mind them to be a bit older, it was just unexpected and I didn't really feel their actions fit their age. I mean, you're 28 and you've never known you had strange powers before? Seriously? This put me a bit off, as did the quick mastering of said powers. I like my characters to struggle and fainting cause you're using them wrong but still accomplishing everything you want doesn't count.

And another thing: at one point they're wondering which wizard is behind the attacks and they have not even the slightest clue as to who it could be. Even though Acwellen and his right hand managed to royally piss off one wizard together some years ago when they infiltrated his castle and defeat him. Really? I mean, seriously? Why does his name not come up instantly?

So I sound negative, but I'm really not! I really enjoyed this book! I just felt that it didn't know if it wanted to be YA or adult and was both and neither at times as a result. BUT: the magic is really intriguing and I really liked Acwellen, even if I don't like his name. Acwellen seemed like a charming, handsome, smart man and I like those things in my men ;) I'm also curious about his right hand, who is so sceptic towards Enith's powers, I'm wondering what made him so.

I thought the romance was sweet, though it was a bit weird that they married two seconds after meeting and though she never acted like it, Enith admitted to having had a crush on him since she was 12. But they were really cute together and I liked that Enith wasn't some helpless maiden, but knew how to fight and has kickass powers! I'm thinking this is part of a series, but I can't find information about this anywhere. If you know more about it, let me know!

My rating: 3 stars