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Enchanters' End Game  - David Eddings I liked this book, near the end I couldn't stop reading. But I was a bit dissappointed, because I was expecting an epic battle. And it wasn't. I like for my heroes to almost die and overcome great personal stuff or something like that. And he didn't. I felt the 5 books had been building up to that, only to leave me a bit stranded. Killing Torak was just a bit too easy in my opinion. The same with Taur Urgas, he's supposed to be some all powerful evil head of a race, why does he just die like that? And why doesn't anyone try to take revenge on Cho-Hag?
I did like the enormous army battle. Durnik's dying and coming back to life was a bit predictable though, but I would have been very sad if he had stayed dead.