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The Spurned Viscountess - Shelley Munro I enjoyed reading this book, old fasioned romance is one of my guilty pleasures. The two main characters were likeable. Rosalind isn't a weeping lady waiting to be rescued, she tries to do some rescueing of her own! She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go out and take it.
Lucien lost his memories after being beaten up in Italy, where he met his first wife, Francesca. She was shot and died in his arm, traumatizing him immensely. She was also pregnant at the time. The only reason Lucien is in England is because he heard an English name the night Francesca died and wants to find the man responsible for her death. We see him warm up to Rosalind as he finds out it's okay to open his heart to someone else again, that it doesn't mean he didn't love Francesca.

One thing I didn't understand was: why did Lucien have to marry again? His wife only died 10 months ago and I understand the need to produce an heir being the heir to the family estate himself, but why so fast? Why not find someone himself after 1 year, 2 years or more? He's still young, there's no hurry, and besides, men can have children even if they're seventy years old.

I liked that Rosalind and Lucien slowly got to know each other and their relationship flowed from that. One thing I thought was odd was how Rosalind would sense people's thoughts when touching them, but was rather naive at the end when she felt bad vibes coming from someone and did not think to act on it. The rest of the time she was much better at estimating a situation.

One thing I missed while reading this book was romantic tension to make me cry. I never once cried and I always cry, I'm such a sap I avoid reading books like this in public places because people look at me funny. Struggling lovers make me cry more than death, I can't help it. So, while this was an enjoyable read, it lacked a bit in the romance part for me.

My rating: 3 stars