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My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent ***WARNING: SPOILERS for the first 3 books in the series likely***

Kaylee doesn't really know how to forgive Nash for using her the way he did while he was addicted to Demon's Breath and the role he played in getting one of their classmates killed and another permanently in the psych ward. But she wants to work on it. Gently, slowly.
They haven't seen each other for the past two weeks of vacation, with Nash detoxing and Kaylee trying to figure everything out. On the first day of school after break, they meet again, but their reunion is brutally interrupted by the appearance of Sabine, Nash's ex-girlfriend. Or rather, the one he technically never broke up with, the relationship ended cause they both moved away.

Sabine is another type of weird altogether. I thought she was really creepy and she would have given me nightmares even if she hadn't been meaning to. And she means to give them to Kaylee. And it is not pretty, she drags her worst fears to the surface and crafts them into a dream that seems so incredibly real.. I was horrified she would do that to someone else! Even if she's trying to scare her away from Nash, not ALL is fair in love and war.

In this book, Kaylee discovers she can after all stand on her own two feet, that she doesn't need to have a boyfriend to rescue her. Though it's always nice to have back-up.

And I loved Tod in this one, he really has become my favourite character. Though his right-from-wrong sensor can sometimes be a bit off, he is a good guy. And I loved how he supported Kaylee, though I thought it was a bit harsh that he wouldn't let Nash see him, he probably needed him really bad during Demon's Breath withdrawal. Dare I say I hope he and Kaylee will end up together? Is that even possible? Could they have children together?

All questions I hope will be answered in the following book(s). I liked this one better than the #3, it was more exciting toward the ending and I really like that a new 'creature' was introduced, the mara, which is totally interesting!

My rating: 4.5 stars