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Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead While I did enjoy Twilight and read the whole series, it kind of went downhill for me after the first book. After this I've been wary of reading books about vampires, because I wasn't really looking for a repitition of what I've already read. And I have to say this book was a breath of fresh air and not the 'meh' I was expecting.

The characters of this book and the books itself appear on 'favourite' and 'best' lists around the blogosphere and I must say that I was not disappointed. There were not glittering vampires (I have issues with that) and I loved the fresh look Mead had on the whole mythology surrounding them.

Let me just say that I love Rose! She's just kickass, she is extremely loyal and when her best friend needs her, she doesn't back down for anything or anyone. She has a sense of duty that is not very common in someone her age. And she's passionate, I always love that in a character. Of course she has her faults, but they make her a wellrounded character.

And Dimitri... If ever a guy was swoonworthy... I go a bit crazy fangirl over him. I loved the chemistry between him and Rose, even though I had some issues with the age difference. I mean, 7 years might not be a lot when you're both 50-something, but 16 and 23? That's big. I'm just glad Rose seems to be a really mature 16-year-old.

I also loved the magic system and the whole feel of the book. I'm definitely reading the sequel! I'm thinking Rose will upset the whole order of things and start a revolution.

My rating: 4.5 stars