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Once Upon a Wedding Night (The Derrings, #1) - Sophie Jordan So a lot of you probably know Sophie Jordan as the writer of Firelight (which I'm ashamed to say I still haven't read yet..), but did you know she also writes romance novels? And really good ones at that? This story had everything I could possibly ask for in a romance novel, a relatable heroine, a handsome, swoonworthy man, REAL problems that needed resolving and TENSION!! This story spans more than the three days some others take to get their characters to fall deeply in love, so that earns the author brownie points in my book. And not to forget: Jordan knows how to tell a story, her writing is very engaging and I totally loved this book. I read it for a challenge where you had to read an author's book which had the lowest average rating and I have to say I do not get why this was that one for Jordan. If you ever want to try romance novels or already love reading them, this book is your way to go. Highly recommended!