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A Borrowed Scot - Karen Ranney This book has one of the pet peeves I should have included on the Top Ten Tuesday list: 'Too Stupid To Live'. In the beginning Veronica seems to fit into this category way too perfectly. We meet her as she's drugged and about to be raped by a group of men part of a secret society. Seriously, how does one get into this kind of situation? And then when she's turned out by her aunt and uncle, she thinks it would be a very good idea to just go around naked looking for someone to take her in.

Yes, this sounds bad. But bear with me and the story. Of course, Montgomery (horrible, horrible first name) saves her and they get married. He is damaged from his past and haunted by the ghosts of said past. He is not a very sociable person, as in he doesn't really talk. When Veronica questions him, he just turns and leaves. The only connection they have is in the marital bed. It was nice to see them grow closer outside of it as well.

Veronica after her moment of brain-loss, is actually a nice, sensible person. She also has the gift of sensing what others are feeling and while for me it wasn't necessary for the storyline, it was interesting.

I'm not really sure why Veronica's family was so nasty to her and it irks me that this wasn't explained. Her cousin was jealous, ok, I can get that. But her aunt and uncle weren't exactly warm and fuzzy either.

There was some wonderful tension and this was an enjoyable read, so I did like it in the end.
My rating: 3 stars