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Girl Wonder - Alexa Martin I'm sitting here just thinking what I should about this book. Because honestly, I'm not sure. Let's just say that it wasn't what I expected, but that could have been me not reading the summary thoroughly enough.

I struggled a bit with this one, because I couldn't really connect to Charlotte. And I really, really hated Amanda. Gosh, she was so annoying! And so full of herself! Ugh, she made me want to bitchslap something. And don't even get me started on Neal, the sneaky bastard! It took Charlotte 238 bloody pages to figure out what I realised the minute I met them both: worthless friend/boyfriend material!

But, as I did finish this book, I didn't totally dislike it. I really didn't. I really enjoyed scenes with Charlotte's brother James Henry. He was sweet and I wanted to give him hugs most of the time. And Milton, he was a bit weird, but in a quirky, sweet kind of way. I also think that the author described what can happen to teens when they are friends with the wrong kind of people. It's so easy to just go along and join in whatever (I feel like an old woman saying this, but it's true).

My rating: 2 stars