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Die for Me - Amy Plum Oh my gosh, I SO LOVED THIS BOOK!! Seriously, I'd been having a bad week and a half of reading books that didn't work for me and then along came this beautiful book. Am I ever glad I hit that request button way back in March!
I loved this book so much I even considered skipping my nephew's birthday. And that's a big sacrifice, cause he turned two and is uber-adorable.

I loved Kate! She seemed so real I wouldn't have been surprised if I turned my head and saw her sitting next to me. I really believed her pain at losing her parents and could easily see someone dealing with it the way she did. She's a strong person and I love how bookish she is.

And OMG, VINCENT! What a beautiful boy! I loved how playful he was and how fragile and strong at the same thing. This is one swoonworthy and completely crushworthy guy! He and Kate had great chemistry and I really enjoyed reading about them.

Kate and Vincent seem to share and epic love, but I loved (how many times have I said loved already?) that they both still are able to think rationally. I mean, it wouldn't have seemed real if after Vincent told Kate about what he is, she'd magically be ok with that. Especially not for a girl who just lost her parents and now hears her boyfriend dies over and over again to save other people. Brownie points to the other for that.

I loved the whole idea of Revenants, I mean, how cool is that? And how heartbreaking at the same time! There's a whole set of characters for me to love in this book and I also really enjoyed Kate having a loving family: sister and grandparents.

I'm going to predict something to happen in the trilogy, light up to read if you want, contains a spoiler:
I'm thinking, especially after that scene with her defending Vincent and being willing to die to save him, that Kate will become a Revenant somewhere in the series. Call it a hunch. What do you guys think?

I absolutely LOVED this book, go put it on your to-read list right now if it's not already. Or better yet: GO READ IT! RIGHT NOW! It's amazing. I think it'll physically hurt me to wait till 2012 for the next book.
My rating: 5 stars