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Awaken - Katie Kacvinsky You know what's one thing I love about blogging? I never would have discovered all these wonderful new authors if it wasn't for this amazing community. It's all you guys who tell me to get excited about books that aren't released yet and the excitement around a new release has me squeeling so much sometimes my boyfriend looks at me funny.
So thanks to all of you.

Now onto the actual review.

I LOVED this book! I loved it so much I was creeped out by how very real the situation in the book can become if we're not cautious of technology. I mean, sitting here, typing this review behind my computer screen, after just having finished commenting on other people's blogs and Goodreads, I can imagine the world revolving around a computer and less about actually getting out of the house once in a while.

It's scary that sometimes I need to remind myself to be social, especially when I'm caught up in a wonderful book. I can be pretty out of it sometimes. The author did such an amazing job describing this world and it really sounds like something that might happen in the future. Let's hope not, though.

Or, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing, if we had guys like Justin to save us from it, I'm all for it! I have yet another book-crush. Justin is sweet and though he tries to distance himself, he really cares deeply and I love him for it. He did frustrate me at times, but since those were the same moments he frustrated Maddie, I'm okay with it.

Maddie is wonderful, I loved how she was torn between rebelling and the love she has for her family. It's not as if it would be logical to just go ahead and betray your parents, especially if it's for a group of people you've just met a couple of weeks ago. I love how strong she was and how she handled everything.

And am I ever glad I checked the author's website! It say there'll be a sequel *SQUEAL!!* and I'm so happy, cause I haven't gotten enough of Maddie and Justin just yet and I'm wondering what'll happen next for them.

My rating: 5 stars