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Love Story - Jennifer Echols Okay, so from the cover and from this summary I was expecting a sweet read. So there would be family drama, I can handle that. What I could not handle was the abusive relationship Hunter and Erin had going on. Yes I said it: abusive!

After the first two stories we get to read by them, I thought they'd work it out. Instead, they write stories for their class aimed at hurting the other person. How is this romantic??? And how is it ok for Hunter to be hurtful to Erin? Even if he's hot and smart, that doesn't make the other stuff go away.

And there's the whole Hunter plotting with Erin's grandmother, who we never actually meet. I mean, she's the villain of the book and we never meet her face-to-face?? Erin's grandmother seems cold and not grandmotherly at all. I would have like them to talk things through and find out what her grandmother's reasons were for cutting Erin off, but the story never got to that point.

Erin and Hunter are NOT good for eachother. They hurt eachother and are just generally worse version of themselves when they're around eachother. And then suddenly they're in love? I mean, Hunter is only nice for two seconds when they're alone and Erin makes a lot of bad decisions as well. I didn't feel the romance. I saw two people with unresolved issues that in the end were still unresolved and I felt slightly cheated by the ending.

I didn't really care for the secondary characters either, one guy was a romance-discriminating, annoying jerk, but conveniently a match for one of Erin's roommates.

All in all, I'm not impressed. I think the only reason I finished it was that I couldn't help but think: 'But it should be getting good soon'. Only it didn't really, it got worse. I did like that it was about college-aged kids and how they're dealing with classes and being away from home for the first time.

My rating: 2 stars