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Cat's Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold - Bettie Sharpe I almost never read novellas, because well, I like my books to be longer. I invest in getting to know these characters and connecting with them and I like staying with them for a while. This was a really quick read, I think it took me about 3 hours.

For a fairytale, this contained a lot of sex and lusty men and women. And I hadn't exactly expected this, so I neede a little mental adjustment, but after that it was alright, though I'd have liked it if the sex was a little less graphic.

Apart from this, the story was pretty nice. I liked that Cat knew exactly who she was and what she wanted and made no excuses for her behaviour. I really liked Julian and the way he cared for Cat when she was a cat. He's a loyal friend and wanted to do the honorable thing. I also liked Cat's stepdaughter, the princess, she was snarky!

This was an entertaining read without much depth to it, Cat as a cat was really amusing and I enjoyed the interaction between her and Julian.

My rating: 3 stars