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Wildefire - Karsten Knight This was far darker than I would have expected. I mean, really, there's absolutely no warm and fuzzy in there. And I know the gods and goddesses of old weren't exactly known for their cuddly features, but still, these are reincarnated in teenagers, I expected something else.

Right at the beginning I felt like I'd somehow skipped the first 50 pages or something. We're thrown right into the action and because I didn't care about the characters yet, I didn't really care what happened either. And for me this didn't really get better throughout the book.

Ashline is really strong and really weak at the same time. I wanted to kick her and tell her to man up a lot of times while reading this book. She seemed a bit shallow to me, her choice in guys seemed to be determined by how good they looked and not what their personality was like. I couldn't connect with her for some reason.

The antagonist, Eve (Ashline's sister), is just plain EVIL! I mean, wow! And seemingly with no reason, I always appreciate it when the bad guy has a motive and I felt this was lacking here.

Some of the scenes towards the ending were very shocking and I hadn't expected what happened to Rolfe. I liked Rolfe. And well, yeah, I kind of did expect the whole cliffhanger thing, because there'd been hints throughout the book to it. Especially when something that should have been there was obviously missing (I'm not making sense if you haven't read the book, I know, but I don't want to be spoilery).

I did like the whole concept of gods being reincarnated as teenagers and the creepy beings that sort of try to keep them in check, or maybe try to destroy them, who knows. It's all really mysterious at this point. I'm not sure if I will continue on with the next book, but maybe I'll give it a try since I have so many unanswered questions!

My rating: 2 stars