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Notorious - Nicola Cornick I really enjoyed this book! Some of the frustrations I've had with the last couple of historical romances I've read didn't enter this one, so I'm good.

Devlin and Susanna have a history together and if it becomes more widely known, it could ruin both of their plans. Enter angst and tension. Enter more angst on Susanna's side because she knows they have history Devlin isn't aware of. Mystery, check! Tension, check! Lustable male, check! Strong female, check! Hearbreak, check! Believable love, CHECK!

My eyes tearing up... fail. Sadly, I didn't cry, but I did have stomach-clenching moments, so it's all good. But I so wanted to cry! This one did come the closest I've been to crying in a pretty long time, so I'm happy.

I really enjoyed this book, but the main characters were probably the only ones I actually liked. The man Susanna is sent to seduce was annoying and stupid and Devlin's sister made me cringe a bit as well. And I didn't like that she was pushed into a loveless marriage, somehow I feel that's not supposed to happen in a romance novel.

But this was really good, I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to meet the twins Susanna looks after, but well, you can't have it all. And I did like that Susanna didn't just change her mind about everything she believed in and wanted because of Devlin. She wanted love, not a sense of duty and I support her in staying true to that.

My rating: 4,5 stars (crying gets you five)