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Fury - Elizabeth  Miles OMG, SO CREEPY! Seriously, that's the gut-reaction I have after finishing this book. It was so, so creepy!

I almost did a did-not-finish on this one, but I'm really glad I made myself read on! The beginning was extremely slow and a bit bland for me and I told myself I'd force myself to read on to a number of pages and just before those ran out it got really good. Really, really good! The second half of the book was so much better for me than the first!

The first half was filled with not-so-smart-or-loyal girl (Em) thinking it was ok to hook up with her best friend's boyfriend. I mean, seriously? In what world does that ever end well? So that was a bit annoying. And there was Chase, who in the summary it says has done a bad thing and proceeds to be a pretty boring character until he makes 'friends' with Em.

Then the second half of the book was filled with very creepy revenge by the Furies! They've taken the form of 3 beautiful girls and they team up to exact revenge on Chase and Em for what they've done. And they leave a note for Em: 'Sometimes sorry isn't enough'. SO CREEPY! I couldn't stop reading the last 100 pages, it was so good and I needed to know how it ended! And then there's foreshadowing to the next book (I hope) on the final page, I cannot wait to find out what happens! Gosh, the Furies are very cruel. Really. I didn't really like Chase, but I was still sad about what happened to him. And I hope things work out for Em as well.

I do have to say that the only character I actually really liked was JD, he's awesome. I wish JD was my boy-next-door.

My rating: 3 stars (a solid 1 for the first half and 5 for the second half, makes it 3 total)