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The Postmortal - Drew Magary This book read more like non-fiction book than a fiction one. I mean this in the sense that I never really felt like I got to know the main character and his name is mentioned maybe 4 times throughout the entire novel.

Aside from this, I really enjoyed the book. It seems like the world would be a wonderful place if anyone could be frozen in the age they are when they get the 'cure', but it's not. There are terrorists and with all those people living far past their normal expiration date, food and other resources grow scarce. It's a frightening reality.

I do however think that the main character in this novel had the worst luck ever. EVER! And he makes some stupid decisions himself as well. In other words: not a happy camper. Sometimes he had me really wondering if there was anything he cared about and then he had his moments in which he showed he did. I did have trouble feeling sorry for him because of this.
I especially had issues with the insta-love he experienced multiple times. Especially the last one didn't seem based on anything, which REALLY annoyed me.

I did like the whole concept and was intrigued by everything going on, but it wasn't in a frantic reading, needing to know how it ends kind of way. I also felt slightly cheated by the ending, even though I saw it coming.

My rating: 2,5 stars