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The Demon King (Seven Realms Series #1) - Cinda Williams Chima Recently I have been loving all the YA books I read and this is another one belonging to that category! I’ve been remembering why I love fantasy so much and it’s wonderful :)

The POV switches between Raisa and Han, our two main characters. And they are both wonderful! I LOVED how Raisa is not a spoiled little princess, but maybe slightly naïve about everything going on outside the palace. But you would be too if the only time you’d been in the city was when there was a parade in your honor! I loved that she’s intelligent and really wants to make a difference. She does have the whole superficial crush thing down, but well, she’s only 15 and she doesn’t think insta-soulmate, so I was good with this.
Han is a little on the dangerous side. And mysterious! He has had cuffs on his wrists ever since he was a baby and they grow along with him (MAGIC CUFFS). He doesn’t know why and up until the very end of this first book in the series, we don’t either. I LOVED it!

I LOVED the world building and all the different characters! And I loved to hate the ‘bad guys’ which is also nice :). Oh, and I was secretly gleeful when their evil plans failed! *enter evil laugh of my own*

And you know what’s one of the best parts? There are TWO more books in this series! And they’re both already out! YAY! So expect reviews on those soon, cause I will be reading them ASAP.

My rating: 5 stars