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The Lantern - Deborah Lawrenson It took me a whole week to read this book. For those who know me: this is long for me. Especially when the book isn't over 1000 pages, it's only 400. Somehow, I couldn't seem to focus on this long enough to read more than a couple of pages at once. Well, until I made myself sit down one night and just read it.

I'm not even sure why this was so hard for me. It may have to do with the switching POV and it not being always clear who was doing the talking (it's in first person for both the characters). This was a bit confusing and made me disconnect.

I think the biggest obstacle for me was that I didn't connect to either of the main characters. And maybe that I guessed the plot twists already, so much of the tension for me wasn't there.

I did like the story and was seriously horrified by some of the things the 'bad guy' in the book does. I mean, EVIL! Seriously! And noone was doing a thing to stop him, even as a kid, it's just awful!
This book also reminded me how absolutely horrible persons with a personality disorder can act, really it's so hurtful! If you read it, you'll know what I mean.

All in all, this book needed a little more for me to really enjoy it. A little more connection I think.

My rating: 2,5 stars