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The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) - Cinda Williams Chima OMG! This series gets better with every book I read in it! I kid you not! EPIC FANTASY!! YAY!!

I know I've said this before, but this series is such a good example of why I love epic fantasy. These books are amazing and you know how books seem to suffer from series syndrome these days? As in: they're ALL series? THIS BOOK DOESN'T! Yes, it's a series, but it feels as though it's supposed to be. I love this.

I'm so trying not to be spoilery, so I'm not gonna say much about events, but OMG! They killed off a character I really liked! This is always a bit scary to me, because WHO WILL BE NEXT? The suspense!

Anyway, I really loved meeting up with Raisa and Han again, they are such amazing main characters and I love how their lives come together. I am so rooting for these two! I love how they both become more mature throughout the books and it's nice that they have a real backbone and are not whiny teenagers.

Seriously, this series has it all: swordfighting, romance, scheming, intrigue, beautiful dresses, MAGIC. In short: the whole package. It is EPIC. And you know what: there's another book yet unpublished. I NEED IT. Like yesterday! These books are so good, I'm sure they'll ruin the next book I read for me. They are that awesome.

Itty bitty kitty committee says: CHEEZBURGER!
My rating: 5 stars