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The Legacy - Katherine Webb I have to be honest, it took me a lot of pages to get into this book. I told myself I'd read at least 75 and if I didn't like it then, I'd pull a DNF. When I got to 75, I didn't necessarily like it, but I felt I didn't want to put it down to never be picked up again. So I decided to keep on reading and slowly, but steadily, the sotry grew on me and I ended up enjoying it.

The main reason I had troubles with this one is that I couldn't relate to the main characters. More specifically: I couldn't relate to Erica, who is the main character in the present day setting. I could more easily like Caroline somehow. I don't know if the switching POV was partly to blame for this, but somehow I never fully connected to either of them.

And seriously, mental illness seems to run in the family! That's all I'm gonna say on that account.

The romance left me going WTF?! Seriously, I'd be so ANGRY! Especially at what he did near the end. Gah! And Erica's like, oh, that's cool. No it's not cool!
And seriously, they were all pretty ready to do what was convenient instead of doing what is right. If you have read this, you know I'm talking about what happened to Henry. Seriously!

BUT: I did like the story and the whole intrigue of it was more complicated than I had thought at first. Though I did figure most of it out before it got revealed. I definitely had some major issues with the story, mostly that I felt disconnected, but there was just something about it that kept me reading..

My rating: 2,5 stars