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Past Perfect - Leila Sales This was such a relaxing read! THIS is what I want to be reading on a sunny afternoon! And I did because the weather decided to be nice one last time before going into full fall-nasty-mode :)

Do you remember heartbreak at sixteen? I do! I remember the all-consuming feeling of it and how you think you'll never find someone as amazing as that first love again. And how you don't want to let go of your sadness because then what? I could so easily relate to Chelsea and connect with her, it was amazing!

And the boy who she's all heartbroken over? What a douchebag! Seriously! That guy is just asking for a bitch-slap if anyone wants my opinion.

But enter love-interest Dan, who just lights up the scenes he's in with his amazing boyness. He is such a good guy and I love the moments between him and Chelsea. I loved him. I wish I could have had a Dan when I was 16. And I love that he wasn't pretty. While I appreciate the hotness that are boys in YA, sometimes they're a bit too pretty and Dan had the right amount of handsomeness, but not overly pretty. Am I still making sense?

The only thing I really had an issue with: Chelsea's relationship with her father. I mean, I know parents can be annoying, but this seemed a bit off and didn't really contribute to the storyline in my opinion.

But this was the perfect way to end the summery period at the start of fall and I really enjoyed this book!

My rating: 4,5 stars