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In the Arms of a Marquess - Katharine Ashe First off, let me tell you that this book is part of the Kiss and Teal initiative and I think that's wonderful! Raising awareness for ovarian cancer is important, I have seen the destructiveness of this particular kind of cancer and it's horrifying.

But on to the story, which is much more lighthearted, I assure you :)

I was reading this book on the Friday the whole drama with my friends went down and this was just what I needed. Some diversion, filled with emotion and romance and I really enjoyed it!

I read the second book in this series, Captured By a Rogue Lord, a while ago and I LOVED that one so much, I had high expectations for this book. Though it didn't completely live up to it, it was wonderful. The tension between these two was amazing and even though at the beginning at the book you don't know what exactly transpired between them in the past, you KNOW it's big and life-changing. And you feel the pain and heartbreak and everything. It was wonderful.

What made me like this less was that I had the nagging idea that these two were making things unnecessarily difficult for themselves. Especially towards the end, when I just wanted to scream COMMUNICATE &#@!#! Seriously.

But this was a lovely read and it managed to get me into the world of handsome men and beautiful dresses, which is just what I wanted :)

My rating: 4 stars