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The Seduction of Scandal (Scandals and Seductions, #5) - Cathy Maxwell Okay, so based on the summary, I was thinking: ooh, dangerous man with a soft heart! And I like my dangerous men to have softs spots in their hearts, if they're just dangerous, it's no fun. But to my disappointment, the man was not so much dangerous as he was soft.

I'm wondering what went wrong in the combination of this book and me, and I think it's the fact that I didn't quite believe everything that went down. And most of all: I didn't believe the romance. I did not believe that one meeting, where they made a scene has him mooning after her. And I did not believe that just because she lived in his house for 3 days, she suddenly loves him, when pretty much all he's done is ignore her and spend as much time outside of his house as possible.

I was kind of expecting the big twist at the end and this made it pretty anticlimactic for me. And I never really warmed up to the two main characters, which is something that can make or break a book for me.

I did like the story in itself and that the Thorn was a sort of Robin Hood, he was in truth a good man, but not the dangerous man I was expecting based on the summary.

My rating: 2 stars