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Shift - Jeri Smith-Ready I had issues with this one. There was something that annoyed me throughout the book. And it made me like the main characters less. I remember being 17, I do. But not everything was about sex. Really. It wasn't. And the fact that Aura is constantly thinking about sex, talking about sex, about to have sex etc., it was annoying. See how often I've even said the word in one review? I don't think I even use the word in reviews of the historical romance novels I read.
**Slight spoiler**
Really, I would have lost my respect for Aura if she had slept with Dylan. I did not like where the story was going there. It seemed a bit tasteless.
Aura seems to have a weird way of dealing with her grieve for Logan. And Zachary seemed to worry a bit too much and had a bit weird theories. I couldn't really follow how he came to them and it made everything more difficult than it should have been.

And Zachary kind of lost some of his shine in the middle of the book. But, he gained it back by the end. By the end, he was my boy again, the one I remember from the first book. And I love him. I mean for those of you who have read it, or those who are going to and want to look forward to something: the scene by the river. OMG! I'm not gonna say anything else, but really, good moment for Zach!

I enjoyed learning more about the Shift and events surrounding it. And about Aura's parents. I kind of guessed already, but still, it was a good plot point. I also liked Logan more in this one. He seemed to grow up in his afterlife and I liked the fact that as a ghost, he can't lie. Which means: no mixed signals.

All in all, I enjoyed this one, except for the annoying fact that most of it seemed to be about raging teenage hormones. And while I know it's a rough time hormone-wise, it seemed a bit too much.
I am however really looking forward to the last book in the series, I'm dying to know how it all ends! Though it means I'll have to say goodbye to Zach...

My rating: 3,5 stars