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In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster - Stephanie Laurens I remember reading at least one of the previous books in the Cynster series, as I recognized a lot of names while reading this one, I just can't remember which one I read... Because, let's be honest, a lot of titles of romance novels resemble each other and I read it before I kept track of my books on Goodreads (I can barely remember such a time...).

I am sad to say I struggled a bit with this book. And for once I know exactly why that is: there was no tension. None. I LIVE for the tension in romance novels and I KNOW Stephanie Laurens can do this, because I remember really enjoying one of her other novels, but there was just nothing in this one. I did think Eliza and Jeremy suited each other, but it lacked the stomach clenchiness that makes me such a fan of this genre!

Also, I took a bit of offense at the constant mention of how unexpected it was that Jeremy pulled the rescue off, because he was a SCHOLAR. I mean, seriously? My boyfriend goes to university and I am telling you he is very strong and could have pulled it off as well. Being smart does not make you less manly! I get that things were different back then, but still.

Anyway, I am one of those girls who lives for the moments in historical romance when there are things that drive the two lovers apart of when they believe the other one doesn't love them and such, because: DRAMA! TENSION! And in this one they just sort of mutually fell in love and were chased around and I didn't really feel it.

But, there is some major foreshadowing for the third book in the series and as I am anticipating the two main characters in that one will clash some more in their personalities, I am really looking forward to reading it! Also, of course knowing there's a third book, I guessed who the mysterious captor was and he sounds really interesting! :)

My rating: 2 stars