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Between the Sea and Sky - Jaclyn Dolamore Let me just start of by saying this was such a lovely read! I mean, really, I just flew through it and got lost in this amazing world! I love the mermaid trend going around in YA, as I was a fan of Ariel's at a young age and the author's voice was so fresh and lovely it just made me want to keep on reading!

Esmerine is a wonderful main character! She loves her family and has always been the odd one out in their village because she played with the boy with wings when she was younger. Upon meeting said boy, now a man, again, she has to deal with some disappointment, but she doesn't simper in the corner, instead she confronts him about it. And she loved books, which is always an endearing quality to me :)

And I LOVED Alander! Seriously, he was awesome! All troubled boyness of him! I was so rooting for him and Esmerine! And seriously, he had WINGS! How awesome is that?

The only I though was odd was Dosia, Esmerine's sister. She just up and leaves without telling anybody where she's going or why and then she acts surprised when Esmerine comes looking for her cause her family is worried. Gee, I wonder why that could possibly be. So the sister annoyed me, but otherwise this book was amazing!

And the ending was just perfect! I just wished it didn't have to end there. I could have gladly spent more time with Esmerine and Alander and the whole world and different kinds of paranormal beings in it! This was such a fun read and read like a fairytale, which I loved!

My rating: 5 stars