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All the Pleasures of the Season - Lecia Cornwall I almost never read Christmassy books. But I REALLY liked this one!

So Lady Miranda is a girl who has a big sense of duty and wants to please her grandfather and all. Which is why she seems like a total pushover when we first meet her. Cause seriously, getting engaged to a man she hardly knows well enough to share a dance with, let alone a life? That's just a recipe for disaster. Well except for the romance novels where said gentleman is actually the hero of the novel. But that is definitely not the case here!

Cause seriously, her fiancé is as ass!! And how naive can you be to hand over your very expensive earrings, cause he says they need 'new casing'? I mean, really?

I really liked the hero and I loved how Miranda's sister was cornering him after Miranda left for her grandfather's, her sister basically cowed him into riding aft her immediately! :)

There was also the first chapter of another novel of the author included, centering around Miranda's brother and his wife and it was wonderful! It's called Secrets of a Proper Countess and I'm dying to get my hands on it, cause it's a full length novel, this one was a novella and I'm anticipating sexytimes and wonderful tension and intrigue and everything!

My rating: 4 stars