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Crave - Melissa Darnell So I really enjoyed this book! I was thinking this would either work really well or fail epicly. I'm glad it was the first one :)

It was refreshing that in this paranormal romance for once the boy isn't the only one in the relationship who is a paranormal being! I loved that Savannah was dhampir, both witch and vampire combined and noone really knew how to deal with this. Though I thought Savannah was pretty smart about some stuff and I liked her, I couldn't believe some of the things she did.

I mean, sure you may not like your vampire dad very much and I get that when you're mad at him you don't go running to him to ask him questions about the whole vampire being business. BUT we no longer live in caves and have this wonderful thing called the internet. Yes, really. It's shocking, I know. I mean, if Tristan's sister can figure out all the stuff about dhampirs by googling for about an hour, I'm sure Savannah could have too. I mean, she was experiencing serious discomfort from the effect of her gaze on people and didn't even think to investigate? And really, she's been kissing Tristan for a while and never questions why he's so weak after it every time??? I mean, COME ON!! Also, I'm betting her mom and grandma knew at least a little about it, so really, there's no good excuse for this ignorance.

Ok, rant over.

I did really enjoy the chemistry between Tristan and Savannah and I liked that they had history together. I thought a couple of sidecharacter Clann kids were too two-dimensional, but I did really like Savannah's best friend Anne, she was awesome! And Savannah's grandma was cool as well :) I love grandmothers in stories!

I was really shocked at the events towards the end of the book and I'm dying to find out what happens next! Both with Tristan and Savannah and with the rest of her family! And I'm looking forward to further exploring all the possibilities that come with being a dhampir!

My rating: 4 stars