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Too Wicked to Wed - Cara Elliott If you ever decide to read this book, you should know that the first couple of pages shouldn't discourage you. I felt thrown right in the middle of a story and it was disorienting and confusing at first. And I had a WTF?? moment. But after that it got much better. MUCH BETTER!

I really, genuinely liked Alexa. Sure, she didn't always seem to think her actions through, but at least she DID something! Instead of simpering in a corner waiting for someone to look for her, she dresses up as a boy, enters a men's club and manages to win half a business playing cards. And makes the decision to actually hold onto that half. Which makes for some very interesting clashes with our hero.

What I also liked about Alexa is that she's truly capable. She has been taking care of business on the family estate for years, so she knows about expenses and everything that comes with running something. And she has great business ideas it turns out. I also loved that she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

I'm not entirely sure what made our hero lock away his heart, but he definitely did. He blows hot and cold and Alexa doesn't know what to make of it, and I didn't either for some time. But of course we learn his true feelings in the end. I liked that though he created scandal, he was also really good for his employees and honorable, you just had to look a little deeper to see all this.

I really liked the tension between the two and something I also really enjoyed: there was some humour infused now and then. I also really liked Connor's friends and am looking forward to reading their own lovestories (at least, I imagine that there will be more books featuring them).

Towards the end I did want to whack Alexa over the head, because seriously, how could she be so stupid to get herself into SO much trouble and endanger her life? I mean, seriously? That woman she trusted in had 'bad news' written all over her. And I thought the bad guy's motive was pretty crappy. But other than that this was a really enjoyable read and perfect for the days around Christmas in my opinion.

My rating: 4 stars