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The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (Throne of Glass, #0.1) - Sarah J. Maas OMG, I just totally squealed when I got to write the title of this post! Because seriously, I have been a fan of the Sarah J. Maas ever since she posted her first draft of Throne of Glass (then titled Queen of Glass) on FictionPress and I'm so happy for her she got a publishing contract and 2012 will be the year I get to add her first novel to my collection! :) I already pre-ordered it, only 164 days to go! (which really isn't that long, considering I've been waiting for about 8 years ;))
Basically Throne of Glass is a Cinderella retelling with the twist of having Cinderella be a feared assassin!

ANYWAY: of course I had to read the novella. And it is everything I wanted from it! This wasn't part of the story posted on FictionPress and I was really excited about getting to know a bit more about the Celaena she was before she got sent to the salt mines. And I loved how sassy Celaena is! She's such a memorable character!

The writing is amazing and I LOVED reading it, so if you're excited about Throne of Glass or if I've managed to convince you it's something to be excited about, definitely read it!

My rating: 5 stars