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Under the Moon - Natalie J. Damschroder When I read the summary of this book I was really intrigued by the idea of modern goddesses and all the different ways in which power like that could exist in modern day society. So I was a bit disappointed when there wasn't much explained and/or shown about this in the book itself.

I'm probably going to come off negative in this review, but let me assure you that the book wasn't bad, it was just different from what I had expected. And right at the beginning it made me go REALLY?? at one of the plot points. I mean, really, was it necessary for Quinn to have the excuse of needing to recharge her powers for her to have been having sex with Sam, who is sort of her manager? I mean, she's 38, seems to me like she wouldn't need an excuse. And then for her not to kiss him was all a bit too much just making use of someone she claimed to really care about, when she knew he was in love with her. This definitely did not endear her to me.

Also, the events surrounding the threat to the goddesses seemed a bit too convenient to me. It seemed odd that with everyone knowing about goddesses and their being a whole protective movement and society for them that Quinn needed to go after the one draining goddesses herself.
And then there was Quinn's sister who was just so completely too stupid to live! Seriously, that was bad!

But the tension between Nick and Quinn was great and I liked that for the most part Quinn wasn't some helpless female and could hold her own (well, at least during part of the month). This wasn't what I had expect while reading the summary, but it was an ok read.

My rating: 2 stars