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My Irresistible Earl - Gaelen Foley I'm not really sure how to rate this book just yet, a big part of it was really good and then there were things that made me go HUH?? Seriously? And those moments were a bit distracting.

I loved that Mara and Jordan (the Earl of Falconridge) had history. This wasn't love at first sight, which to me isn't all that believable (though lust at first sight is), it was something that had been there years ago and now they meet again and those old sparks are rekindled. It also adds some conflict, because they both have ginormous trust issues.

Mara hasn't had the best marriage imaginable and the only good thing that came of it was her son. Now that her husband has passed away, she's not really eager to give up her freedom for another man and at first decides to keep Jordan at a distance. I thought she came around pretty easily and was actually a bit disappointed by this. But the couple had wonderful chemistry, so I could accept it.

But overall everything could have gone a bit more slowly, Mara isn't a very constant woman and changes her mind almost to what is most convenient. I thought the author gave her some pretty good issues and then she just let go of them. I like growth in a character, but this just made her seem flaky.

I really enjoyed reading about them together, especially about them doing things as a 'family' with Mara's son was really sweet. But one thing I can't get out of my head is that during intercourse, Mara say 'give me a baby' (or something like it) to Jordan. I mean: WHAT?? It didn't fit and was a bit weird. Especially since she didn't want to be tied down, but it's perfectly fine to have his baby? Society would probably love it.

I did like the whole idea of Jordan being part of his majesty's secret service with their headquarters disguised as a notorious gentlemen's club. I also loved that Mara seemed to be a good mother and a very loving one. And she and Jordan really did have incredible chemistry. It's also about the only book I've read that speaks favorably of the Prince Regent, which was a nice change.

My rating: 3 stars