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Geek Girl - Cindy C. Bennett This is one of those times when I probably misread summary, cause going in all I expected was a cute story. And it was SO MUCH MORE!!

Seriously, I LOVED this book! Geek Girl is not only a cute lovestory, but also deals with some serious stuff. I mean, I really needed to warm up to Jen in the beginning of the novel, but as the story progressed and I got to know her better and learned the reason for her being somewhat bitter and distrustful it all made sense.

And I really liked Jen! I really felt for her and at times I just wanted to give her a big hug, even though she probably wouldn't have appreciated it. She was so real and it all just felt so natural! I got totally sucked into the story and I *was* Jen while reading the book, kudos to the author for accomplishing that feeling! Jen goes through a LOT of character growth and experiencing this along with her was wonderful!

And TREVOR!! OMG! Can I just gush over Trevor a bit?? He sounds exactly like the boy I would have fallen in love with in high school! Or actually, he sounds like the boy I did fall in love with: my boyfriend. Really, smart guys rule! And I was secretly psyched that I got all the 'geek' references and have actually pretty much seen all the movies mentioned! Trevor is just a really good guy and a wonderful brother and loyal friend. He's my kind of guy!

And of course there's some heartbreak, because what would a good lovestory be without some roadblocks? EXACTLY! But I felt like Bennett handled it extremely well and I could actually see this happening the way it did. And it brought tears to my eyes! It was wonderful!

So I'd say definitely read this, it's not the fluffy romance I expected at first, but deals with some tough subject, BUT the lovestory is amazing and it felt real! I was completely absorbed by the story and couldn't put it down for anything except necessary evils. I'm hoping to read more from this author soon!

My rating: 5+ stars