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Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - Victoria Connelly Dreaming of Mr. Darcy was extremely cute, it's almost a bit too cute. But I like a good candybar read every now and then! ;)

Kay, the main character, was nice, though she's a bit too clueless for my taste. I mean, Kay is trying to play matchmaker and get Adam and another female character to fall in love, when Adam is obviously interested in her! And she's pining after some actor, thinking they'll have children and get married when he's made it quite clear he's not exactly willing to settle down and for him it's all just a fling. She goes off into the most elaborate fantasies about their future when they haven't even been on a date yet. It was a bit too high school crush like for me. And sometimes I thought even high school girls had more sense.
But Kay is a really nice person and genuinely wants to help people.

And then there's Adam, the man who doesn't know how to communicate. He KNOWS Kay is trying to set him up with another woman and he doesn't say anything to her like 'I'm not interested' or something of the sort. Instead he just broods. I am extremely PRO communication, so this didn't really work for me. But Adam is a really nice guy and I love that he's such a good grandson!

You know how we all complain about the insta-love going on in YA? Well, this is one adult novel that has got it going on as well... There are basically two lovestories developing at the same time and both felt too much like insta-love to me to really get into them.

I think I sound negative, while I did actually enjoy Dreaming of Mr. Darcy. It is a cute book and it made me laugh a couple of times. This book was a nice break from all the drama going on at the hospital. I did think this story had a lot of potential, the execution just didn't always work for me.

My rating: 2,5 stars