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My Ruthless Prince - Gaelen Foley I enjoyed the previous book in this series, My Irresistible Earl, though I did have some moments when I thought WTF??? And I really liked seeing the characters I had met in the that book again in My Ruthless Prince.

While I was reading this book I was considering DNF-ing it a lot of the time, cause for some reason, the story just didn't grab me. I wasn't really excited for Emily and Drake and their romance. And I think what bothered me the most that in all reality both of them would probably have been killed cause they had some serious too-stupid-to-live moments. I get SO annoyed when that happens!

I mean, sure Emily is being brave by going after Drake after he's disappeared, but really, she's a woman going into a whole castle full of dangerous men. Of course this is a brilliant idea... And Drake doesn't seem to grasp the fact that maybe he should put aside this whole save-the-world-on-my-own complex he has and just stop acting stupid.

I know I sound really negative, but I was just annoyed by a lot of what was going on. I mean, I liked that both Emily and Drake are hugely loyal, both to each other and to other people, but sometimes loyalty isn't the be all that ends all, you know?
I also liked that they had history together and this was definitely NOT a case of insta-love, it's been coming for years. I really liked that and I enjoyed reading about those moments in their past.

Also, a slight warning to people just looking for a sweet romance novel, there is also some violence going on and some blood being shed. Just to give you a heads up.

There was enough in this book to like for me to finish it, but just barely.
My rating: 2 stars