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Hades: Lord of the Dead - George O'Connor This time I'm not putting up a summary cause I assume you are all familiar with the Hades & Persephone myth (see me assuming things!).

When I requested this I hadn't realised this would be a graphic novel. And really, I pretty much never read graphic novels, but after this one, I'm beginning to think that maybe I should! Because they are a lot of fun!

And you know what they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and if you have a good artist involved in said pictures that's absolutely true! I loved that it wasn't hinted at that Demeter got angry: you SAW the rage in her eyes! It's always showing and not telling which makes me happy.

Also, I breezed right through this in about half an hour which makes it the perfect short read! I really liked that George O'Connor put his own little twist into the story, one I haven't seen before. I'm a big fan of Greek mythology and the information at the end of the novel adds that little extra something for me!

My rating: 3,5 stars