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So I loved the first book in this series, Hourglass (if you want to know how much read my review on The Broke and the Bookish), and fell completely in love with Kaleb, so when I learned he was narrating Timepiece, I just knew that I would love it as well.

And I did!

In Timepiece we learn more about the abilities the whole gang has, as well as those of some new characters we meet. It gets a bit more scary in this one, as the powers that be start causing trouble for the characters I've come to love. They have to locate Jack, OR ELSE.... There are also some really interesting and creepy developments as a result of Jack's and Emerson and Michael's messing with the timelines. It was exciting and terrifying and made me want to keep reading until I found out EVERYTHING about it!

And you guys, I adore Kaleb! The voice Myra McEntire gave him kept me riveted to the page and had me laughing out loud and crying and just feeling everything right along with him. I love how he actually has an apron that says 'Kiss the cook' like Emerson suggested in Hourglass and that he bakes when he's depressed. And that he thinks stuff like 'Welcome to hell, now with hotter fire'. On the outside he's this big, strong guy with the amazing personality and a sensitive side on the inside. I'm going to keep with my first commentary on him: *sigh*. Besides the obvious hotness factor, I kind of just want to give him a hug!

I loved seeing all my favourite characters from Hourglass through his eyes and the chemistry he had with Lily was just SO GOOD! My romantic little heart was happy, about them as well as about Kaleb getting over Emerson.
The evil got amped up a little more and I found out some things that were pretty shocking about the 'bad guys'.

As for question I always ask myself when reading a series: did it suffer from second-book-syndrome? To this I have to say a resounding NO! Of course there's the build-up for Infinityglass and there are a lot of things we learn in Timepiece, but there was enough going on that it never once felt like a filler book to get to the epic finale that I'm sure will go down in Infinityglass.

So to sum it up: yes excitement, fabulous writing, feelings, and YES KALEB!!! *sigh*
Can't wait for Infinityglass! Myra McEntire has me hooked with this series and I think I'll pick up whatever she writes after she finishes this series as well!

My rating: 5 stars