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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry This novel is definitely a step outside of my comfort zone. I don't read a lot of contemporary novels and when I do, they're usually of the cute, fluffy kind. So, this one right here, dealing with tough subjects, is something I pick up with a bit of hesitation.

But I must say that I'm very glad I did! It was amazing and it completely sucked me in and it made me feel ALL THE THINGS!

I really liked both Echo and Noah, they're characters that I could easily imagine having gone to school with me. All their complexities made them seem very real and I just wanted to hug both of them and tell them everything would be alright. They've been through a lot and though Noah appears to be rough around the edges, underneath he's a good guy. And you guys already know how much I love good guys!

I loved seeing Echo and Noah grow as persons throughout the novel and making tough decisions. I loved that their relationship was good for both of them and they're equal in it. I was shocked and horrified by the awful things that had happened to them both, I really want to go all ragey about one of the characters, but SPOILERS!

While I did love the relationship between Echo and Noah, I did think they went from attraction to love REALLY fast. I mean, for two kids who have major trust issues, it happened pretty early on and I was a bit thrown off by it.

But the writing was simply amazing. I was right there with Echo and Noah experiencing it all and the alternating POV made me connect with both of them, which earns Katie McGarry extra brownie points! I found myself staying up at night way past my bedtime to continue reading and not even feeling tired. Also, Pushing the Limits made me cry. And I love it when that happens!

So while I did take issue with the not insta-love, but really-early-love, this was an intoxicating read. I didn't want to put it down and though firmly outside of my comfort zone, I'm so, SO glad I decided to pick it up, cause I would have missed out on a wonderful read otherwise!

My rating: 4,5 stars