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When You Wish Upon a Duke - Isabella Bradford I'm a bit conflicted about this book.

It starts with Charlotte, a tree-climbing heroine, who doesn't know of her arranged marriage until the day a solicitor comes to fetch her to London for this purpose. At this I wanted to say: BAD PARENTING. I mean, seriously, she'd been betrothed from birth, you'd think that in the 18 years following they'd have a moment where they sat her down and explained to her what was expected of her when she'd come of age. But perhaps that's just me.

Anyway, this had me expecting all kinds of excitement and angst and getting to know each other and falling and love. And some of it happened, some of it didn't and some of it was slightly weird.

I liked Charlotte, even though she was 18, which is slightly younger than most historical romance heroines, she knew what she wanted and knew to fight for it. Also, I loved the relationship with her sisters we get a glimpse of at the beginning.
The Duke of Marchbourne was just.. awkward. He didn't have a lot of social skills and doesn't really know how to deal with women, specifically his wife. I just wanted to shake him at times!

Their first meeting was awkward and cute and the kissing was hot! But the sexytimes weren't all that sexy to me... And really, I could get how things could happen like they did, cause people didn't really communicate and the crazy ideas March and Charlotte's aunt had were probably valid for the time, but seriously, if your wife is crying AFTER, you're not doing it right. Also, if she's not crying AFTER other times, you're doing it right (or at least better). Not the other way around, THIS WAS SO FRUSTRATING!

I kinda thought that they fell in love a little too quickly. I mean, I get the attraction and all, but it was just really fast! And they were so at odds with each other and not understanding each other, it didn't seem like a solid enough base to go to love.

Even though it wasn't my favourite read, I didn't once consider DNF-ing it. Isabella Bradford writes an engaging story and while it did made me roll my eyes at some things, I was still entertained. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author and continue with the stories of Charlotte's sisters!

My rating: 3 stars