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Lessons from a Scandalous Bride: Forgotten Princesses - Sophie Jordan Guys, I've raved about Sophie Jordan's amazing talent when it comes to writing swoonworthy historical romance before. And I'm going to do it again, cause I absolutely LOVED Lessons From a Scandalous Bride!!!

I mean, gosh, this was just everything I wanted from a historical romance! It had a likeable heroine who had issues that were not because of being a bit cray-cray in the head, but real issues. A swoonworthy hero who totally made me cry, wonderful tension and believable romance. ALL THE THINGS!

And like the first book in this series, Lessons From a Scandalous Bride flows seemingly effortlessly. I just flew through the book, it was wonderful! I love how Sophie Jordan introduces us to the characters and lets us get to know them without there being information dumps. I LOVE her way of storytelling!

I also really liked reconnecting somewhat with Marguerite, the main character from Wicked Nights With a Lover. She adds some humor to the story and it felt a bit like catching up with old friends.

Usually it's the female angst about the romance that has me in tears, but this time it was Logan who made me cry! He was just plain awesome and seriously, he sounds like my kind of guy: a mix of sensitive and all-maleness.

But really, I cannot somehwat incoherently gush about this novel and Sophie Jordan's writing in general enough! I repeat my statement: if you're interested in the genre AT ALL, you should read one of her novels. I absolutely adored this one, but they're all amazing. She made me feel ALL THE THINGS and bonus points for totally making me cry! LOVED IT!

My rating: 5 stars