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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I have all these mixed feelings about this book. From the reviews I've seen floating around the blogosphere this seems to be a book you either love with the fire of a thousand suns or dislike with the same amount of passion. While I absolutely hate some of the relationship messages this book portrays, I cannot bring myself to really hate the book.

The writing is really good. Really, really good. The writing was so engaging that even while I was cringing and wanting to put it down, I couldn't. I felt like one of those people in traffic causing a jam because they're watching the accident on the other side of the highway. Knowing you should move along, but unable to do something about it.

I never really connected to Abby and while I tend to enjoy the books in which I connect to the main character more, if I had just found it in myself to like her, I think it might not have mattered so much. I mean, I get that she's been through a lot and everything, but I just wanted to shake her and at times slap her. I mean, how do you go about being so clueless and just plain cruel?

Travis is a boy who needs therapy. Lots and lots and lots of therapy. Seriously. He made ALL the alarm bells go off when it comes to men, I wouldn't let my friends date him. I wouldn't let people I don't like very much date him.
He's got anger management issues, is insanely possesive, controlling, doesn't know boundaries and OMG, SO NEEDY and completely dependent on Abby! It was scary how he completely lost himself when they got together!

I hated how co-dependent they were and how it's used to show how much they 'love' each other. I mean, you should still be a person whether or not you're together and they just weren't. I also hated that Abby's roommate Kara, who was the only one that voiced this opinion was snubbed by both Abby and her best friend.

I thought the getting to know each other phase was pretty sweet, aside from the weirdness of them sharing a bed, but after they got together it just went downhill for me. Also, can I just say that I was constantly rolling my eyes at Travis' nickname for Abby: Pigeon. Seriously??? It was SO annoying. He used it EVERY TIME he spoke to her and while I get endearments, being named after a pretty common and pretty much the vermin among birds is just slightly wrong.

Sorry for my rant, but I had ISSUES with this book. I hope Jamie McGuire will write a book in which I can cheer for the relationship, because then I will gush and gush over it. The writing is amazing, the plot just made me cringe.

My rating: 2 stars