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Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer Guys, I hadn't given this book much thought before I started reading it. The summary sounded cute and promising as in YAY STARCROSSED LOVERS because of the brother thing, but I've been disappointed recently and didn't want to get my hopes up.
I shouldn't have worried so much, because Loving Lady Marcia was SO GOOD!

I'm all for a little trouble in the way of the romance, especially if like in this particular novel, they're facing REAL troubles and not some poor excuse for a problem. There's the ruination of the school Marcia's the headmistress of, the shadow of Duncan's brother between them, misunderstandings, inabilities to voice love! I mean, YAY! With all this working against them they still managed to find each other and I loved it!

The lady Marcia we meet when she's just about to turn 16 was a naive girl and Duncan's brother breaking her heart made her grow up. She got through this devastating life event and came out stronger and for that alone she's got my respect. She hasn't turned cold or anything, but she knows she's ruined in society's eyes, even if no eyes witnessed said ruination. So she's resolved not to marry and instead threw her whole being into becoming headmistress and I love that she's so passionate about teaching the girls there! She's a warm, caring, determined person and I just wanted to hug her and make all the problems go away.

Duncan was a hero that I found very easy to love. He instantly stole my heart when in the beginning of the book I learned that he took in Joe, an infant his brother had fathered, and told everyone he was his own son, born out of wedlock. LOVE this man and his big heart! He hasn't had an easy childhood, but he wants to take care of EVERYONE, including his servants and of course Marcia. He and Marcia butt heads over this sometimes, because she's all 'I'm independent woman, here me ROAR' and he just wants to help her. Duncan is an amazing father and I loved that about him.

Duncan and Marcia together have this wonderful chemistry that cracks and sizzles and just put a big old smile on my face with the sighworthiness of it! They spar and work together and kiss and have sexytimes and it was all just exactly what I wanted from my romance novel! There's the heartbreaking moment when they're at odds and throughout the whole novel there was just this amazing TENSION! I definitely had tears in my eyes at one point!

Loving Lady Marcia by Kieran Kramer is a wonderful start to this series that I'm looking forward to reading more about! Marcia has a lovely family and I'm already pining for the next instalment so I can see one of her brothers get a happily ever after!

My rating: 4,5 stars