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Lord of Temptation - Lorraine Heath Guys, have I ever told you how much I love pirates and gentleman sea captains? (Of course I have) There's something about the setting at sea on ships that never fails to set my heart aflutter. Even if being on a real ship mostly does things to my stomach we will not go into further at this point.
So obviously I was all kinds of excited to read Lord of Temptation!

And it was AMAZING! Seriously, at a time when I was craving a good, fluffy historical romance to relax with this was just what I needed! There's a heroine I could root for, a dashing gentleman sea captain hero and TENSION and REAL PROBLEMS and just YAY!

Even though I sometimes thought Anne was a bit naive in her dealings with Tristan, she's not stupid. She knows he's probably not going to be a permanent fixture in her life and acts on it. She's realistic enough that even though she's starting to have feelings for him, that doesn't necessarily mean he feels the same way or that he will give up his life on sea for her. And I loved her for not being delusional! I mean sure, in romance novels I know it'll all work out in the end, but the heroine doesn't know this!

And Tristan! Tristan is absolutely my kind of hero with all his rugged handsomeness and tortured past and just all around being a good guy! I mean, he rescues boys with crooked legs from people who use them as shark bait. I bet he'd be a pretty good puppy raiser as well. And I loved that Tristan wasn't only a good guy to Anne, but to other people as well.

There was this wonderful attraction between them and even though they knew it was wrong, they couldn't help themselves and I loved seeing their romance unfold! There was so much tension and heartbreak and fierce alphamaleness in Tristan when he sees her with another man and I LOVED IT!

I did feel kinda annoyed at one of the silly chits chasing Tristan around, because REALLY? Who actually does stuff like that? It was cuckoo crazy! She just wouldn't take a hint...

But overall this was a wonderful feel good historical romance and I'm glad to have discovered another author in Lorraine Heath who can bring tears to my eyes. This is a really well done version of the Gentleman Pirate/Gentleman Sea Captain plot and I just loved it!

My rating: 4,5 stars