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Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs Guys, if it hadn't been for me being insanely stressed out at work, I probably would have devoured this in three seconds flat because it read just so easily! So I blame my mind being distracted by the hospital for it taking three days, because once I relaxed it took no effort at all!

You might have noticed I'm a self professed Greek mythology geek. And proud of it. So anything to do with mythology is bound to catch my attention and make me go WANT WANT WANT. And I wasn't disappointed by any means with how Tera Lynn Childs handled the myth of Medusa in Sweet Venom! She's always portrayed as the big baddie and I love this new spin on things!

Sweet Venom switches POV between Grace, Gretchen and Greer, but mostly Grace and Gretchen, since Greer doesn't come in till later on in the story. I really liked both Grace and Gretchen, though I could relate to Grace the most. She's the sweet girl who lacks a little bit of confidence and loves her family. I was that girl in high school who was easy pickings for the popular mean girls because my confidence level wasn't all that high, until I met the group of friends I still hang out with. I love that Tera Lynn Childs shows how your friends (or newly discovered sisters) can change you.

Gretchen is more kickass, independent, and I felt that she grew as a character as well, she discovers it might be ok to let others in and that she can't do it all on her own.
I also liked Greer, but I feel like I knew her the least of the three since she enters the story much later. But that's ok, we'll connect in Sweet Shadows I'm sure :)

Tera Lynn Childs shows us a little bit about the girls' destiny and I'm just itching to find out more about EVERYTHING! There's lots of mysterious goings on that I can't wait to get answers for and hello, CUTE GUYS! I need more of the cute guys! And I need to know WHO MADE THAT PHONECALL!

So yeah, it's safe to say my little Greek mythology loving heart is pretty happy at the moment :)

My rating: 4,5 stars