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Deck the Halls With Love - Lorraine Heath I always forget how short novellas can be and after finishing them I'm usually left with this sense of disappointment they've already ended. Which probably means two things: I'm not much of a novella kinda girl and the novellas I do read are pretty good because else I wouldn't be wanting more. And this one sounded so adorable I just had to read it!

I really loved the second book in Lorraine Heath's Lost Lords of Pembrook series: Lord of Temptation, so when I saw this was about the jilted Chetwyn I HAD to pick it up! And also: it's a Christmas story and it turns out I'm a Christmas story kinda girl after all even after years of denying this.

And you guys, it was so sweet! I've gotten to know Chetwyn in Lord of Temptation as having a very well-developed sense of honor and duty, maybe a bit more than is good for him. But I never knew he was this passionate! Who would have thought? I loved seeing this other side of him. And Meredith is a sufficiently intelligent heroine who knows what she wants in the end. I loved that Chetwyn wanted at all times to let it be her choice even when he was laying all his charms on her trying to get her to see things his way.

So yeah, it was short and sweet and ended with a kiss and a happily ever after and a merry Christmas, so my little romantic heart was happy. It made me smile and I'm recommending it to all of you who love sweet romance to go with your Christmas as I'm sure it'll make you happy as well!

My rating: 4 stars