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Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep ***WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR BOOKS 1-3***

Guys, it's no secret that I love mythology. And as I've previously mentioned in my review of Dark Frost, the third book in the Mythos Academy series, I love that this series mixes up all kinds of mythology! There's Greek, Roman, Norse, Russian and I LOVE IT!

I also really love how Gwen and the other characters have grown over the books. And Jennifer Estep's writing has gotten even better! The things I rolled my eyes at in the first three books were pretty much non-existent in Crimson Frost, YAY! Ok, so there's still a lot of mention of what kind of warrior everyone was, but it got less on my nerves. And can I just say that I'm loving the introduction of Bogatyrs and how a sweet blooming gay relationship was handled?

So Gwen is accused of pretty much everything that a Reaper girl did and is put on trial for this. And she's being accused by Logan's dad who seems like a major douche and while he does sorta get his act together a little in the end, I still don't like him. I thought the police should be somewhat impartial, but Logan's dad was just ridiculous. And the thing that bugged me was that they had NO EVIDENCE other than a testimoney, so it's Gwen's word against someone else's. Yeah, that's obviously enough to accuse someone of a crime of this majority and pretty much have the death sentence ready to deal out.

So yeah, that annoyed me. But I did really love the relationship between Gwen and her friends. And between her and Logan. They're FINALLY getting there! There's declarations of love and I was just so cheering them on! And little Nyx has a special place in my heart, gotta love that little furball! And the story is getting up to steam and at the end there was an epic showdown and I love that Gwen finally knows how to kick some ass herself! No more helpless little girl but sword-wielding warrior, she's also really coming into her Gyspy powers bit by bit, which I really enjoyed seeing.

Something that happens at the end pretty much broke my heart and I'm itching to have Midnight Frost be here so I can find out how this is going to be set right cause it NEEDS TO BE! Seriously.

My rating: 4 stars