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How a Lady Weds a Rogue - Katharine Ashe Guys, cold days and busy times at work always make me crave a good romance to just get lost in. And Katharine Ashe hasn't failed me in delivering exactly this!

Diantha was a minor character earlier on in the series and while I wasn't particularly invested in her then, I'm glad she got her own story! I love that Diantha went after what she wanted while stretching the boundaries of what a woman in that time could do. She charms her way around most problems and I kinda liked that. Of course I thought some of her plans were not all that well thought through, but well, you can't have it all.

Wyn definitely adds the whole dark and mysterious thing to the hero, though his drinking problem was a little off-putting to me. Also, his drunkenness didn't really seem to incapacitate him much, which felt a bit weird to me, as I've seen many drunk people and at times they're not even capable of locating their own feet. But I did love him for wanting to sober up for Diantha and his whole hero complex and because at heart he's a good guy.

I really liked their chemistry and that for once it was the woman trying to coax kisses from the hero, instead of the other way around. I like that they're actually together for a longer period of time and really get to know one another instead of just instantly falling in love and that they've seen each other at their best and worst.

There are some obstacles on their path to a happily ever after and I was REALLY annoyed because of one of them: Diantha's brother. He's being a pompous ass and being obstructive for no good reason and a stupid misunderstanding and just GAH!

Towards the end there's one of the often used plot points which I won't explain further for spoilers, but which always manages to bring tears to my eyes. And I just loved it and HAD to finish the book before going to sleep even though it was already way pas my bedtime.

In the past two years I've fallen in love with Katharine Ashe's historical romance novels and this one is no exception. I love being swept away in the rush of falling in love and obstacles and misunderstandings and just ALL THE FEELINGS. While this may not be my favourite of her novels I've read, it's still highly recommended.

My rating: 4,5 stars